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Tantra Workshop

Enjoy a space of love and trust, to liberate your unique beauty

  • Beendet
  • CHF 80 - 110
  • YAMA


Empower Yourself on areas such as: the Here & Now, Grounding, Relational Field, Real Needs, Touch, the Heart or Joy. A series of guided meditations and practices to embody some fundamentals of tantra: presence, guidance of the heart, honesty and curiosity, unfolding on an atmosphere of safety & trust. You will be guided to listen to your body's wisdom. Embodying new loving and integrative experiences on areas such: Presence, Grounding, Relational Field, Boundaries & Real Needs. Passion of life, Heart’s Nature or Joy. With play and music, your needs will be supported and protected at all times. We’ll practice natural communication, empathy & welcoming the real you, superficially or deeper, anyway you are longing for. Let´s team up to empower you, to embrace the wholeness of the human experience & to bring authentic healing. Plant a seed of liberation for your day-by-day experience post-workshop. Grounded, our nervous system can release stress or traumatic load. Let´s experience harmony and balance, in the purity of the here and now, to recconect yourself, with your essential beauty. All welcome: Singles, Couples, LGBTIQA+. About Gerardo Galicia Tantra Accompanier in Therapeutic Pro-cesses, trained and certified by the Xavi Domenech Institute through more than a hundred sessions over three years, contin-uously trained by other internationally re-nowned Tantra, Spirituality and Sacred Sexuality teachers. Meditator, formed by a multicultural journey in about 20 countries, through Architec-ture, Yoga, Meditation and Tantra. Lover of the mystic and body exploration, he ac-companies 1:1 sessions, tantric massages and host workshops through the pillars of tantra. His authenticity, openness and warmth, create an atmosphere of care, softness, tranquility and trust, which allows to deepen in the transforming alchemy in a safe, liberating & integrative way.


  • Postgasse 37, Bern, Schweiz


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